Orbit raising and precision asset placement

Atomos solves the last-mile problem in space by providing an in-space transportation service that lowers launch costs for satellite operators.

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Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV)

Atomos changes the rocket equation by adding a second logistics step to satellite launch. Space tugs reside in orbit so that last mile services - orbit raising, precision insertion, phasing, and plane changes - can be accomplished rapidly and cost-effectively.


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Updates to Space Nuclear Policy

Updates to Space Nuclear Policy

Many are familiar with searching for available charging outlets in an airport during a busy layover. In space, finding abundant electric power in space is just as difficult.

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Atomos 2019 in Review

Atomos 2019 in Review

As we start the new year, we want to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing support in 2019, reflect on our accomplishments, and to look ahead to 2020.

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